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Noble Birth

Error in Judgement

Tragic Flaw

Irreversible Mistake

Falls from Height

Accepts Death w/ Honor

Responsible for Fate

Admirable Qualities


Edward was a creation. He was made by a man, he was his experiment.

A certain result comes from everything he does. He knows hes different, and people are going to react to that differenty.

Edward is extremely kind and caring, he's nice to everyone he meets. He never wants to hurt or harm anyone.

Edward's flaw would be being too naive. He doesn't have experience with the outside world and he sees all of them as being nice and respectful, eventhough not everyone is. They take advantage of his lack of judgement, experience, and wisdom.

He trusts people too easily, he thinks they are all good people. He gets involved with a group of teenagers, and they take advantage of him and lock him in a house, framing him for breaking into it.

His mistake would be trusting people too easily, and allowing them to frame him.

All the people in town love him until he gets the police after him. Even though its not his fault, they immediately change how they see him and decide he needs to be banished from the town. They hate him.

He knows the people in town dont like him anymore, so he resorts to his castle on the edge of the town. He never speaks to them again or shows his face. He accepts their hate.

Edward knows what has happened and he just deals with it. He lives alone in his castle now.

Accepts Fate