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ErosCalled Cupid or Amor in Roman.

Aphrodite was jealous of Psyche. Eros was sent to potion her, but accidentally pricked her with one of his arrows and pricked himself too. Years later, Psyche could not find love and an oracle said she would find love at the top of a mountain. Her husband became Eros, but she didn't know who he was. Psyche's family visited her and her sisters grew jealous, so they told her Eros was a monster. They advised her to keep a lantern and knife with her in bed to see if he was a monster and kill him. She saw him and realized he was Eros, but he flew away so Psyche prayed to Aphrodite who gave her tasks which included: sorting grains, snipping golden fleece, getting water from River Styx, and asking Persephone for a box of magic makeup. She opened the box and fell asleep. Eros couldn't stand it so Zeus made Psyche immortal and the two lovers married.

Psyche and Eros

Psyche looking at Eroswith the lantern.

There are many theories about Eros' parents. Some say Aphrodite and Hermes, Aphrodite and Ares, or Ouranus and Aphrodite.

Eros and mother, Aphrodite.

Eros and his symbol the torch.

Eros' FormAccording to myths, Eros never grows old unlike some other gods. He is usually depicted as a young boy or man with wings and a bow & arrow.

Eros' Symbols Include:-gold/silver magical bow & arrow-lyre-roses-dove-torch

PowersThe Olympian god Eros is god of love, passion, and beauty. His powers include making mortals and gods fall in love. As one of the first gods, he was the god of procreation.

Eros making Apollo fall in love.

Eros shown as a young boy god.

Need a wingman? Eros has got your back.


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