Ernest Shakleton

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Ernest Shakleton

Ernest Shakleton (1874-1922), he loved oceans, and a brave saylor. He was very important in the history of exploration of Antartica. He achived most only his goals, but his explorations in territory never after explored, his passion for polar landscape and his wild and energy to carry on with his sailors made him a myth.


In August 1914 he returned to Antartica with the expedition "Transatlantic Imperial" in the boat "Endurance". The expedition went well until the boat got stock in the crew had to abandon. But finaly Shakleton was able to save all of his men. Later, Shakleton died from a heart attack in his last expedition on board of the "Quest" in 1922.

Shakleton was Irish, he was the oldest of ten brothers. when he was seventyn years old, he entered the marines. He was a capitain when he was twenty four years old.First he joined scott in the "Mission Discovery", but he got ill and he returned to G.B.

After that, he wrote articles and he achived that Wiliams Beadmore financed his expeditions. In 1907, he annuncied his journey to Antartica to get to the South Pole, he bought a boat, "The Nimrod", he reformed and he bought food and chose his crew, on well he took ponies for the slay. But he calculate badly and the winter killed the ponies, thry finished the food and they had to back

"Serching for mrn for a dangerous mission. Poor salary. Extreme cold. Long months of complete darckness. Constent danger. No garantee of return. Honor if you return


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