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Ernest Rutherford


Ernest Rutherford:Rutherford was born in Brightwater, New Zealand on August 30th.

Ernest Rutherford: Rutherford was the 4th of 12 children. He excelled in school and was good at sports.

EDUCATION:Rutherford ford attended Nelson boarding school where his fees were paid by scholarships. He then attended Canterbury college on a scholarship. He graduated in 1893 with 1st class honors in mathematics and physical science.

EDUCATION:In 1895 he received his bachelors in chemistry and geology. He won a scholarship to study overseas. He then worked in J.J Thompson's lab.

DISCOVERY:Rutherford discovered that nearly the total mass of an atom is concentrated in a nucleus.

IMPACT ON SCIENCE:Rutherford's discovery has taught us more about the atom and what it looks like. He also has an element on the periodic table named after him, Rutherdium.

RESEARCH:During Rutherford's research he created the gold foil experiment. The purpose of the gold foil experiment was to find out the structure of an atom.

RESEARCH:Rutherford did his researcher Manchester in 1907. He studied Alpha, beta, and gamma rays and what they reveal about the atom

RUTHERFORDIUM:Rutherfordium is the element named after Rutherford. It's symbol is Rf and has an atomic number of 104. It is a synthetic element and radioactive.


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