[2014] vrs2003: Ernest Rutherford

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[2014] vrs2003: Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford, often reffered as the father of nuclear physics was born August 30th 1937. The New Zealand born phcysicist and chemist was mainly known for coining clarifying and classifying the "rays" alpha, beta, and gamma wich were poorly understood at the time. Rutherford studied at the University of New Zealand before he migrated to England in 1895 . Then in England he studied at Canterbury College. Most his dicoveries were at Manchester.


1871- Birth1898- discoverd the two rays, alpha and beta 1903- won Rumford Medal 1911- discoverd the nucleas of the atom1909- won Nobel Prize1919- beacame first person ever to convert one element into another1937- Death

In three short years, Rutherford marked a completly new branch of physics called Radioactivity.He discoverd the nucleus in the atom and made a model of it a couple years. This comon science discovery many don't know about was fron Ernest Rutherford.In 1919 he became person ever to transom one element into another when he converted nitrogen into oxygen through a nuclear reaction.

Lasting Impact

Rutherford did not only achieve alot in physics, he was a stepping stone into the future. He showed the world his skill by discovering Radioactivity, and nucleus in the atom. He has helped nuclear physics become what it is today.

Ernest Rutherford



Fun Fact:Did you know the element "Rutherfordium" was named in Rutherford's honor?

It's True!

“If you can't explain your physics to a barmaid it is probably not very good physics.”


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