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African-American History

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Ernest Green

Persuasive Without the Little Rock Nine, the Civil Rights Movement would have taken more time in integrating schools. The nine Black students, that later earned the name the Little Rock Nine, took part in an all White school. “ In 1957, the Little Rock School Board finally agreed to desegregate grades ten through twelve. It was going to occur at Central High School.” (Levine 42) Some people may argue that the Little Rock Nine was such a small impact that if it didn’t even happen, it wouldn’t change anything. That may be true but ever small impact stacks up and eventually those stacks helped Civil Rights Movement succeed. Biography Ernest Green was a Senior in High school during the Civil Rights Movement. He was one of the students in the Little Rock Nine. The Little Rock Nine was a group of nine African American students who were the first to integrate in an all white school. He participated in the Little Rock Nine because he thought it would be an opportunity to do something new. (Levin 42) Ernest wanted to be apart of a movement or change. He knew that he would changed Little Rock, Arkansas but never imagined that it would affect the whole country. This event in the Civil Rights Movement affected many other schools in the country.


He was the African American to graduate from an intergrated school.

Lasting Impact

Ernest Green took part in the Little Rock Nine and helped his country intergrate schools.

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Little Rock

Ernest Green


The Little Rock Nine being escorted into the school by National Guards.

''They used to call Arkansas 'the land of opportunity,' and black people said, 'Opportunity for whom? Today, we can say 'opportunity for all,' and Arkansas can be proud of this moment.''

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