Erik´s truth

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Erik´s truth

Mohawk Man's BrotherThis is the scene, at the Fishers' home following the death of Mike Costello. Erik and Arthur make fun of Mike Costello to Joey Costello's face. They were mocking Joey for trying to take off Mike's shoes, when he got struck by lightning. Erik is laughing about how Mike had a mohawk because his hair was singed off by the lightning. Following this event Joey doesn't want to go to Paul's house ever again. Joey is scarred from the event. Joey and Paul grow distant because Joey doesn't want to hang around Paul anymore.

Theme is: LyingThroughout the book Tangerine, many characters lie or are lied to as a way to hide reality, hide something about themselves, or to protect someone or something. This theme is important because it explains the why Paul is lied to about his eyes. His whole life he has been lied to about why he has poor vision. Paul’s life is lie and his own parents keep the truth from him. The secret explains how terrible Paul’s parents are to him. It's also the explanation for Antoine's situation at Lake Windsor High. He is lying to everyone at the school, but ends up coming clean and admits that he faked his address to attend the school. Lying comes into play when Erik lies to all those who believe he is a “goody-two-shoes.” Erik is really a cold-hearted jerk and none of the adults know his real personality. All of this is about how lying plays a huge part in the daily lives of the residents of Tangerine.The website I chose helps explain the theme because it shows what Mr. and Mrs. Fisher could have done to help Erik not lie. Because Erik's parents never told him what was wrong and right, including lying, he never knew his actions were wrong. Lying is now a part of his personality because he was never told it was inappropriate. This theme of lying is shown on page 272. "Thomas confessed to lying about his eligibility to attend Lake Windsor High School." This quote explains that for three years, Antoine Thomas was lying to everyone in Lake Windsor Downs about his home address. Antoine's life in Lake Windsor High was a lie and the reason for the lie was to seem like a different person. Antoine was trying to be a person he wasn’t and succeed in something to seem more like a different person. He knew though, that his actions were wrong, unlike Erik. This is just one example of lying to seem like a different person, but there are many other examples in the novel Tangerine.

Erik's Truth

The Kill SlapErik and Arthur confront Paul and his school research project group. Tino boldly faces Erik and acts tough to stick up for Paul. Erik gets annoyed and slaps Tino, cutting him with the ring on his finger. This scene in Tangerine is the reason for Luis Cruz confronting Erik. Because of Luis's bold confrontation, Erik ordered Arthur to hit Luis from behind. The blow ended up killing Luis Cruz because of an aneurysm.

The One and Only-Erik FisherErik, in my mind, is a tough-looking kid who has black hair and a buzz-cut. Erik is shown to be a mean, self centered, and heartless teenager. He is a bully who has no sense of compasion. This is proved on pages 263 to 264. "I remember Erik's fingers prying open my eyelids while Vincent sprayed white paint into them." This quote shows just how mean and heartless Erik Fisher is to Paul and many other people. Erik was cruel enough to cause permanent damage to his own brother, and force a kid to cause the damage with him. That is just how horrid Erik Fisher is in the novel Tangerine.

Banana-Peel Back-FlopErik has his first football game of the season. In the last play he is given an opportunity to shine and tie up the game. What actually happens is Antoine, the ball holder, swipes the ball away at the last second and ran for a touch down, to win. This event was significant because it could be why Erik is so mad all the time and embarrassed. Paul was certain someone was going to pay for this incident of Erik's embarrassment. Luis Cruz was probably Erik getting "revenge."

Crossing one's fingers is saying that one promises something but might want to take it back, which is lying.


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