[2015] Amy Gillespie (C&I 5003 Fall 2015): Erik Erikson

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[2015] Amy Gillespie (C&I 5003 Fall 2015): Erik Erikson

Born in Frankfurt Germany, he was raised by his young Jewish mother before she married a physician, Dr. Theodore Homburg. Homburg was not his biological father but Erik didn't know that. When he finally found out, he was left feeling confused about who he really was.  This helped spark his interest in the formation of identity. He also became more interested in identity based on his experience at school.  At school the kids teased him for being Nordic because he was tall, blonde, and blue eyed. At grammar school, he was rejected because of his Jewish background.

Published books based on his theories and research Childhood and Society (1950)Identity: Youth and Crisis (1968)Gandi's Truth (1969)~Award Pulitzer Prize and a national Bool Award Life History and the Historical Monument (1975)Dialogue With Erik Erikson (1996)

Psychoanalytic Theory Theory of personality developed by Frued that focuses on repression and unconscious forces and includes the concepts of infantile sexuality, resistance, transference, and division of the psyche into id, ego, and superego.

Erik Erikson1902-1994

Erikson helped broadenand expand psychoan-alytic theory. He contributed to our understanding of personality as it develops and shapes over the course of our lifespan. He was also interested in social psychology and the interactions of psychology, history,politics, and culture.


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