Eric's 2040 day

by mrslancaster
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Eric's 2040 day

Life as a teenager

In 2040

What I think the average high school student in 2040 is the following:

The bed was vibrating so fast, it shook Eric right out of bed. "Fine, Fine!" she screamed and the bed immeaditetly stopped shaking, but not for long. "Okay, Okay, I'm getting out of bed now,'' she said. Eric was pulled off her bed by Betty, the Breakfast Bot 24300 and was presented

presented with fried ham gel , pancake paste and Orange Fizz soda. "Thank you, Betty!'' Eric said as she drank her orange soda and ran out of the door. There, she met up her mother, who was starting up the hovercraft to drive her to school. Eric dived inside and

plopped against the smushy inerier and sighed. "Time for school," she said excitedly. As the rest of the ninth grade filed inside, Eric was the chattiest. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait! she thought over and over. She went to room 3705 and found a station. she picked

her favorite hobbies and her interests. The computer set up all the dates and printed out the schedule for the quarter. History at 11:00, Art at 12:30, Band at 2:00, and Science at 2:40. "I can't wait until tomarrow," she said to the computer. After that, Eric spead home on her hover-bike.


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