EricProcunier_10.5 assessment 22 2015

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EricProcunier_10.5 assessment 22 2015


Hurricanes form when warm air in a low pressure system quickly rises and condenses releasing energy.Pic from:


Typhoons are very similar to hurricanes in how they form the only difference is in their location.Pic from:


Cyclones are larger and much less destructive than hurricanes and are the result of a warm front with thunderstorms meeting a horizontal traveling cold front

Pic from:


Tornados form when warm moist air meets cold dry air with incerasing wind speed and height.Pic from:

Warm Fronts

Warm fronts form when warm air meets cold air and forms a long gradual slope which clouds form on.Pic from:

Cold fronts

Cold fronts are a result of cold air coming in behind warm air making the warm air rise and causing precipitationPic From:

Stationary front

A stationary front is one where warm and cold air meet and dont move anywhere or dont move very quicklyPic from:

Occulded Fronts

Formed when a cold front moves in on a warm front pushing the warm air off the groundPic From:


Air must be warm at the surface to create water vapor which then condenses causing rain.Pic from:


Hail forms when the ice nuclei travels up and down in the cloud growing in size.Pic from:



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