Erickson, Tidal Wave energy

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Erickson, Tidal Wave energy

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Tidal Wave EnergyBy: Jordan Erickson

History The idea converting wave power into energy came around in the 1799, but the acual design never came around until 1974. This design was built by Stephen Salter, which later became known as Salter's Duck. Also the design came around at the time of the gasoline crisis, to find a more stable energy source.

Process The process starts with the natural resource of the force of the current from the waves. Then they have turbines in the water. That the wave currents push through therfore turning the turbine in order to produce the energy. That is pumped into a generator.Then is later stored until the energy is used in the later future.

Advantages** Low cost** It's renewable & unstainable

Disadvantages**Harmful to wildlife** Tides many be unpredictable at times

Most used in the U.S Tidal energy is still young in it's time, so it has not yet been made a stable energy source for the U.S. But the U.S still has a few plants scattered around the Pacific coast, and by the Great lakes, & Atlantic coast.

Changes in Technology The changes in technology for this source of energy has not made too many changes. Though some scientists are trying different prototypes of turbines. Other then that there is really nothing to change about this simple desgin.


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    Great job Jordan! I really liked how everything matched and involved blue with the tidal wave for water. :)