Erica Parke, Ambassador

by DeenaKelly
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Erica Parke, Ambassador

Welcome Erica

Erica is a special ed teacher, 4th grade. Incorporating technology into the classroom is a special interest of hers, especially for learning disabled students. She is currently using Glogster on a social studies project about NJ's regions.She loves Glogster, and thinks it is a great tool for students and is an easy and comprehensive alternative to Powerpoint . The nature of the glog forces students to synthesize information. Erica became an ambassador on November 18th, and is a great addition to our team.

Erica presented (Nov 4th) at the NJ Teacher's Convention in Atlantic City. Her presentation was entitled "Powerpoint? Yesterday! Glogster? Today!"

Welcome to the Ambassador Network

Erica has been teaching for 3 years. after a career change from the logistics field of coffee importing.


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