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the manitoba act was meant to settle the red river resistance and create a lasting peace between coltures unfortunetly it didn't last long.

louis reil-an above averadge metis with amasing abilities in leadership-reil was only 25 when he was chosen to be president of the provisional government-reil could speak manny different launguages including english french and many first nations launguages

the simalairities and differences between the first and second metis uprisings are.similarities-in bolth uprisings they had riel as there leader -in bolth upprising they were fighting for there individualality as metis -bolth times they sent letters to the canadian government in order to come to a peacful agreementdifferences-in the second one they had Gabriel Dumont as the metis general -in the second one the metis letters were compleitley ignored-in the first one the metis took over an old trading outpost as there base-in the first one the metis wanted to become another province called manatoba-in the second one the metis wanted to sumwhat be freed from the grip of the canadian government

the metis sent a bill of rights to ontario in order to get what they wanted in the merge. The bill of rights asked that bolth french and english would be used in the legislature and all government documents would be printed in bolth launges local officials and laws would all be decided by local people. the metis would keep the rights to what ever land they already owned the canadian government would negotiate the rights of the first nations living in ruperts land.

during the first uprising a 28 year old english speaking labourer named thomas scott. scott threatened his metis gaurds and even said he would kill louis reil eventualy his gaurds lost patiants in him and put him on trial he was found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad. witnesses say he was still skreaming in pain when he was bearied.



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