[2015] Erica Huang: Eric the Red

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[2015] Erica Huang: Eric the Red

Eric the RedBy: Erica Huang

Eric the Red was exiled from Iceland in 980 CE, so he set sail for new lands to colonize. While he was just sailing around he found Greenland, which is important because is allowed Vikings to estalish settlements in Greenland.

Eric's expeditions

- Eric the Red's real name is Eric Thorvaldsson- Eric's fathers name is Thorvald- Eric married a woman named Tjorhild- Eric was called Eric the Red because of his red hair and beard and possibly because of his fiery temper-Eric the Red as a vikingEric the Red is the father of Leif Ericson, another famous explorer.

982 CE, Arctic Ocean Eric set sail

980 CE, IcelandEric was exliled from Iceland

950 CE, Rogaland, NorwayEric the Red was born

1003 CE, QassiarsukEric died

986 CE, GreenlandEric discovered Greenland

More facts about Eric the Red

Birth and DeathEric the Red was born in 950 CE in Rogaland, Norway. He died in Qassiarsuk in 1003 CE becuse of either terminal illness or murder.

Map of Eric the Red's Sea route


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