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Eric Carle


His literary style is simple and comprehensible for his young reading audience. his works are playful, humorous narratives of his animal or insect characters.

Eric Carle

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Style and Audience

His boldly designed tissue collages augmented with colorful acrylic, color pencils, or pastels also define his style as an author and artist.

Most of his books review concepts, like days of the weeks, colors, shapes, numbers and counting, and themes important themes, like hope, friendship, love, fairness, sharing, feelings of loneliness, fear of moving to a new house, or of going to school for the first time.



He spent years as an executive in New York but decided to go back to his creative roots to become a freelance designer and advertising artist. His ads caught the eye of Bill Martin Jr, who wrote "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" and the rest was history! He became an author and illustrator of numerous books!

Cool Fact


Most of his book’s characters are animals he remembers seeing in his childhood experiences on a his family’s farm in Germany where he moved to when he was just 6 years old.

I love these books!


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