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Health & Fitness

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Because if we using very old monitor that definitely will risk our eyes. Our eyes will hurt and burn because we keep staring at old monitor that mean the color and the quality is very low also we going to have problem with eye strain

Is to understand how a person should set a correct and healthy office to work in a suitable workspace. Also with the right and new equipment. Avoid damage the muscles, bones and health.


We have to sit in a comfortable chair. The right posture is very important like we should sit with a suitable distance between the table and the monitor also we should reduce staring at the monitor by looking around for two minutes and then come back and continue working

I use it in a place where I get my work done which is my office

We have to use a better chair rather than a normal chair to avoid back pain and lower back pain

We must check the work conditions and the ground. The ground must be flat and easy to move the chair on it because the chair must be with wheels for easy move back and forward safely if you work with these conditions your will work efficiently

We should sit properly on the chair lower back should have the right position in the chair and the back must be straight on the chair, also try to interact

Good ergonomics is to have a professional office like comfortable chair with wheels and we also need to use a new monitor with high quality colors and sharp font. We should care about the room temperature to have good environment to work properly. We must have the notebook, telephone and monitor all in same table

Bad ergonomics is having bad quality monitor with bad colors and sit on normal chair. The monitor, telephone and the notebook all in different location. The workspace is small and the room is crowded with boxes and other stuff as well

I advise them to set up good office to protect their body and their materials and always move around after working for a long time and move the mouse between a half hour to your right hand and left hand





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