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Posture...your body has to be positioned in a way that the force is shared equally between your joints and muscles. This creates less strain and makes it easier for you to work rather than focus on the pain that you are experiencing from bad posture.

Ergonomics are very important in the workplace. They help keep you healthier and safer in your work environment.Here is a short little video about ergonomics ...

Lighting... make sure that all blinds are shut to reduce the glare from the sun into your computer screen, also make sure that the lights in the room are not too bright or too dull so that they dont strain your eyes


7 tips to having an

ergonomic workplace

Keyboard... In order for this keyboard to be ergonomic it is arranged in a "V" shape so that your hands are at a slight angle to deacrease muscle tension and other related problems like carple tunnel.

Ventilation...this is very important because without ventilation dust can settle and cause alergies which results in an unhealthy and unenjoyable workplace.

Noise...the noise in a workplace is very important, loud noises can distract you so that you can not focus and no noise at all can just be too quiet so having a fan or AC going to make some soft noise to help you to be able to focus on your work

Normal line of sight...this is important because if you are constantly staring upward at the screen or you are looking up and down to look at your paper on the desk then your computer screen this will cause eye strain and could possibly lead to greater issues later on

Taking a Break...take a walk to the printer, go out to have a coffee. Taking a break is very important because it gives your eyes a rest and your body a break from sitting


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