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some useful tips:-try to have your chair 16 and 20.5 inches from the ground-try to have a90-degree angle so you can have good posture and no back problems-try to have a chair rest so then you can let your arms and wrist have a break


why should we care about "Ergonomics"? well Ergonomics is very important! have you ever wondered why you have your back, neck, legs etc. hurting after a long day at the computer well think about it you probibly arent ergonomically friendly you have been sitting at a hot computer all day without any tools that help you and the simple things you could do that would simply ease that tention in your muscles and give you a fresh new glow!!! Ergonimics is very important if i havent said that before!!! its helpful to our body and mind it can help you focus more, prevent problems occuring too often , it can change your whole life just by being Ergonimically friendly!!

what is Ergonomics?Ergonomics is the study of workplace design. this is to help you have better comfort, efficiency, safety, and productivity

basically we have to find what fits for our bodies to make sure we can work properly*

some more useful tips:-try to have your computer monitor allined with your head -try to have your desk about 26 inches from the ground for more/less leg space - keep items you use a lot close like calculators, phone, stapaler etc. so you don't strain yourself.


Office Ergonomics



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