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Ergonomic Products

What is ergonomics?Ergonomics is a type of science that's all about arranging and designing stuff that people use properly so that we could feel much more comfortable and safe to enhance productivity.


Ergonomics originated in World War 2 when scientists designed more complicated and new improved systems. After they designed it, they didn't pay attention to the people using it, this leads to fatigue, discomfort, or pain to workers and soldiers. An example for this is when the airplanes during the war started to crash by highly trained pilots due to instrument displays.

It is important because it reduces chances of accidents and injuries. Furthermore, it improves both your health and productivity. The ergonomic principles can even help the worker to extend their shift patterns. Shift should be able to recover the worker fully in a period of time, but by following ergonomic principles, you will be able to do excessive work overtime.

Why is ergonomics important?

7. The monitor should be always at 15 to 20 degrees below eye level. (Adjust the height of the monitor if needed)8. You should always arrange the things you need within your reach and sight. You shouldn't have to stretch far away to reach something or else this will fatigue your muscles.9. Make sure to take 15 minutes of break after an hour of work on your computer.a) Rest your eyes by covering them for 10-15 secondsb) Stretch for 2 minutesc) Look away from the monitor and focus on something else

1. Your eyes must be 50 to 100 centimeters away from the monitor. This will reduce eye strain.2. Place your keyboard so that your elbows are bending 90 degrees and that your upper arms are straight.3. Your feet should be flat on the floor and your knees should be bending 90 degrees (Adjust the height of the chair if needed). 4. No matter how healthy your posture is, you should never be always sitting at one position for a long amount of time. a) you can sit up straight. b)tilt the backrest of the chair back and lie on it. c) tilt the seat pan back until your knees are slightly bending more than 90 degrees.5. Always make sure to have your mouse near your keyboard 6. When you are typing avoid bending your wrist too much and always keep it neutral.

Guildlines to be ergonomically correct

History of ergonomics

Therefore, ergonomics and human factors were made.

Ergonomic products is any item/furniture that can ensure the user to avoid suffering and repetitive stress injuries. Instead, it will be more comfortable and benefit your health. Popular ergonomics products are chairs, desks, and workstations.These ergonomic products are usually adjustable.

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Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Footrest

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