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The novel follows a 28-year-old author and artist, Satoru Fujinuma, who is struggling to publish and successfully give fruition to his works. He lives a normal life working part time at a restaurant. One day he is making a delivery to a home when suddenly a car accident occurs. Since he was young he had an ability, rather a curse, that forcibly reverts time moments before an incident occurs. He is reverted 30 seconds back from when the accident happened and has the choice to stop it, or let it happen once again. He successfully stops the truck forcing it to collide into an abandoned building but in the price of getting hit by a car. He is put into a hospital and luckily escaped without any injuries. The story truly begins to unfold when he is reverted back 18 years in the past to 1988, when he was only 10 years old. The novel portrays the struggle and regrets that one man has made. But this man has the opportunity to change regrets.

Erased:The Town Where Only I am MissingBy: Kei Sanbe



Throughout the book, there are endless meanings behind the authors words but what can clearly be seen is: make sure to live life making the right choices, never have regrets and spot those who are troubled and do your best to help. Because the worst thing to do is absolutely nothing at all. Unlike the main character, we don't have second chances after the the mistake is made.


Along with the main character, Satoru, there is his mother, Sachiko, who was a former news announcer with a keen eye and wits to spot irregularities. Suddenly, she was murdered and Satoru is framed. Working with Satoru in the restaurant is his co-worker, Airi Katagiri, who looks up to Satoru and trusts his integrity. When he is reverted back to when he was 10. He remembered an incident involving the death of one of his classmates. Kayo Hinazuki was the girl who was kidnapped and found dead in the park. On the day she went missing he remembered seeing her alone in the park but decided to disregard her and continued home. Later regretting his choice. Now he is able to change the result, or can he?

The story takes place in a small, quaint, and quiet unspecified town with a dark past. From kidnapping and murders, the town is riddled with mystery. Switching between the years 2007 and 1988.

For those who enjoy reading, this book features graphic settings such as family abuse and murder. A Thriller and Mystery that wants you to keep reading until the end. Character development and plot progression have even correlation. I strongly recommend this to developing high schoolers and those interesting in this genre.



The park where he saw her the day she was kidnapped.


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