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One fateful day, while Eragon is out hunting in a treacherous mountain valley, he stumbles onto a beautiful polished stone. He thinks of selling it to acquire some money for his family, but when the stone turns out to be a dragon egg, Eragon’s life is shattered. Overnight, Eragon becomes an idolized hero and is thrust into a life of power struggles and intrigue.

True friends will always be there to support, protect, and help you in life.


Theme Statement:Even the most heroic must rely and depend on friendship in life

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This picture greatly represents Eragon's friendship with Saphira. I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty terrified to be that close to a dragon, let alone sticking a blade into it's flame. Throughout the series, Saphira is arguably Eragon's best friend and saves him from trouble multiple times.

I chose this picture because it shows how tight of a bond they have. Eragon was scared at first to ride her but he loved and trusted her enough to keep him safe. (Still a better love story than Twilight)

I chose this picture to show how unbreakable and resilient Eragon's bond with Saphira is throughout the series. Eragon trusts Saphira with his life and it all started from the very first touch of the hatchling dragon.

[Saphira:] If anything happens, I'm going to pin you to my back and never let you off.[Eragon:] I love you too.[Saphira:] Then I will bind you all the tighter.

"Tomorrow you will ride me […] or else I will carry you in my claws. Are you a Dragon Rider or not? Don't you care for me?"


"It was […] as if an unbreakable pact were being sealed. He started at the dragon and a cold tingle ran down his arm."

Christopher Paolini


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