[2015] Reuben Spencer (Spanish 7, 7th Grade Social Studies): Equatorial Guinea

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Social Studies

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[2015] Reuben Spencer (Spanish 7, 7th Grade Social Studies): Equatorial Guinea

Day 4 Pico Basilé o Pico Santa Isabel National ParkHighest Point in Bioko island el Parque Nacional de Guinea Ecatorial

Day 2 - Area Blanca*only white sand beach on Bioko Island* 1 hour drive from Malabo * Clean warm waters

Day 1 and 7 - Airport

Equatorial Guinea(Malabo)

Expences (USD)Airfair - $1,810.25 Hotel - 157$ Per night(5)Food - 300$>Sites - 230$>Ground Travel- 700$

FlightEthiopian Airlines Flight 501Depart 11:00a IAD Dulles Intl Airport Arrive 7:15a 21h trip , 2 stopsLeaves Wensday arives Thursday

Irbis Malabo

Day 3 Catedral de Santa Isabel- * Largest Church in Guinea Ecatorial*Start construction in 1897 *Neogothic style

Day 5- La Casa Verde un edificio colonialone of the oldest buildings in the ciudad built in belgium- shiped to Guinea assembled there

Day 6-Go to Cascades of Moca in Moca Valley near el Lago Biao, el Lago LoretaJungle house different species of monos

Foods- Tropical FruitsFishBeansPeppersFoulShrimp, ect

recuerdosRefrigerator Magnets South African MoneyMugs, ect


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