Eqine Veterinarian

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Eqine Veterinarian

Equine Veterinarian



Job Information

Salary-80,000-400,000 a yearPros-It pays well and I can work with animalsCons-I have to work with dying animals and people could get angry becuase I can't save them.Job setting-some work at offices and/or travel to farms

Education and Training~Degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences~Top Marks in sciences and math~Experience with livestock and equine animals.

Programs and Colleges~Animal and Veterinary Sciences~Horse practice colleges

~Health and Care for horses~

Typical Work Day9-10 Hours a day~Starts with a round of treatments for hospitalized animals~Continues with appointments and surgery~Ends with another round of treatments for animals

Hanna RitzPeriod 2March 2013


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