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ePortfolio Intro

Welcome to Maria Stout's Professional Portfolio

My mission as an educator...

- Foster a love for life-long learning through the development of personal and academic skills, knowledge, and habits.- Create a collaborative learning environment that is built on respect and honesty.- Engage students in conversations about literature, themselves, the world, and their place in it.- Be an inspiration as a learner, reader, and an adult.

- Accept that human differences are not only normal, but also desirable.- Develop a growth mind-set.- Work to understand students’ cultures, interests, needs, and perspectives.- Create a base of rigorous learning opportunities. - Understand that students come to the classroom with varied points of entry into a curriculum and move through it at different rates.- Create flexible classroom routines and procedures that attend to learner needs.- Be an analytical practitioner.

7 Guiding PrinciplesBy Carol Ann Tomlinson and Edwin Lou Javius


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