Epistle to Titus

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Epistle to Titus

TIME PERIODThe date of Titus must be sometime after Paul’s release from his first Roman imprisonment (c. 61 CE) and, in all probability, shortly before his re-arrest and final imprisonment.

"All who are with me ssend you greetings. Give our greetings to our friends in the faith.God' grace be with you all" Titus 3:15

The i s a letter from Paul written to Titus about 61 CE ago. It contains 3 chapters. The essence of Titus can be summed up thus in the twofold theme of doing good works especially for the sake of outsiders.

"From Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ" Titus 1:1

THEAMESince Titus is new on church crete, Paul was concerned that the believers begin living an exemplary Christian life, so as to be an example of the grace of God to their neighbors. The theame of the can be summed up as doing good works especially for the sake of outsider, and awlays teach what is good.

For God has revealed his grace for the salvation of all people. Titus 2:11

All who are with me send you greetings. Give our greetings to our friends in the faith. Titus 3:15

He must be hospitable and love what is good. He must be self controlled, upright, holy, and discipliend. Titus 1:8

Summary The "Epistle to Titus" was a letter wriiten by Paul to a Greek church leader approximatly 66 A.D. Since Titus soon will become the leader of the churches on the island of Crete, Paul was trying to to teach Titus what he's supose to be teaching, we can tell that from the quote"For this reason, i left you in crete, that you would set in what remains and appoit elders in every city as i directed you " (1:5). Secondly, in chapter 1, Paul gives qualifications on how to choose leaders in the church, he also warned Titus to be aware of the rebellies men and deceivers who turn away from truth and many more. Lastly, in chapters 2-3, Paul teaches how belivers may live healthy inside and outside of the church. And finally, he told them to live the Godly lives and prepare for the coming savior of Jesus Christ.

The "Epistle to Titus" relates to my experience when i was attending elementray school. My teacher assigned me as the class monitor. Before my job "offically begins", my teacher told me what i should do to help other people and how to become a good leader, which i thought relates to the , because bothe Paul and my teacher was trying to teach someone to do the right thing.

Work Sited: Summary: http://biblehub.com/summary/titus/1.htm "Titus Summary" by Jay Smith

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