Epidermolysis Bullosa

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Epidermolysis Bullosa

Definition Epidermolysis Bullosa is a group of diseases that causes blisters. The blisters may occur from friction such as rubbing or scratching. Blisters inside the body such as in the lining of the mouth or in the intestines occur from severe cases. Most skin gene defects result in EB.

Facts~Most Epidermolysis Bullosa types are inherited ~Usually it shows up in early childhood in most cases the symptoms are not immediate, as an infant gets just a little older (toddlers) symptoms start to unveil~There is no cure for this disorder, but mild forms of this disease may improve with age~If treatment is received it focuses on addressing the symptoms and preventing pain and wounds ~Serious complications that can be fatal if the case is severe ~A dominant gene

Epidermolysis Bullosa(Blutterfly Children)

KaryotypeEpidermolysis Bullosa is not a disease passed through chromosomes therefore no karyotype is available. EB gets passed through the parents offspring.

PrognosisThe disease Epidermolysis Bullosa in some forms could cause early death, disfiguring, ifection or scars.DiagnosisTests taken are Skin biopsy for immunofluorescent mapping, Genetic testing, and Prenatal testing

Symptoms ~Due to friction fluid-filled blister could occur on mainly the hands and feet. ~Also blistering could occur on the vocal cords the esophagus and the upper airway.~Deformed or loss of finger and toe nails.~Some dental problems may occur from poorly formed enamel which results in tooth decay.~Difficulty swallowing.



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