Epiphyseal Injury

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Human Anatomy

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Epiphyseal Injury

Epiphyseal Injuries




Damaged Vs. Healthy

Method of Injury


The epiphyseal is commonly known as the growth plate, which is the area of bone from which the rest of the bone grows from.When damaged this plate may grow at a rate and shape not intended for that bone. This can cause chronic joint and bone issues that take a lot of money to fix and cause a lot of pain. These injuries are fairly simple to fix, but should be done as soon as possible.

Minor damages can be treated without surgery and the use of splints or casts. More severe injuries may require open reduction and long periods of healing time. Once the injury is considered healed, multiple follow up appointments are needed to ensure no mutated growth is occuring.

Epiphyseal injuries can happen countless ways, seeing as there are over 200 growth plates in the human body, but the cause is usually blunt force trauma to a joint or bone. Another method of injury is repeated micro-impacts that can cause the tissue to become inflamed.

Options for Treatment

Epiphyseal injuries can come with a variety of symptoms due to the large number of possible inury sites. Commonly the site will show swelling, pain and tenderness, and inability to move the affected joint.


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