Epidermolysis Bullosa

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Epidermolysis Bullosa

Epidermolysis Bullosa

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Genetic Disorder

Treatment:-No cure -daily wound care, bandaging, pain management

EB- Group of Rare Diseases that cause the Skin to Blister

-Fluid-filled blisters on the skin -Internal blistering including on the vocal cords- Tooth Decay-Deformity or loss of fingernails or toenails-Difficulty Swallowing

There are 5 different types of EB-1.Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex: most common form 2. Junctional EB:Severe and appears at birth 3. Dystrophic EB- can be mild or severe4. Kindler Syndrome: Rare type- Only type that causes discoloring5.EB Aquisita: Rare type that is not inheirted

-Fewer than 1 in a million newborns- Reports of about 25,000 in the U.S

"The worst condition you've never heard of"

-Many people with EB don't make it to the age of 30

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