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EPI technology

Planting forests and finding alternative energy sources will help with restoring the balance.

*Carbon is the 4th most common element in the universe. *Every living cell in every living thing contains some carbon. *Carbon is also found in non-living matter too. (ex. rocks, dissolved in seawater, in the earth's mantel, in soil and in the air as carbon dioxide).

1. Animals add CO2 to the atmosphere when they breathe. 11. Plants soak it up during photosynthesis (storing it in their cells). 111. Oceans soak up CO2 through marine life. 1v. When animals and plants die the soil absorbs it and it enters the earth's crust. CO2 comes back up through volcano eruptions. The Earth's carbon is always flowing from one of these forms to another, like a loop hence the name The Carbon Cycle

The Story of CO2

*Lately, more CO2 is going in than out. *We create CO2 by buring fossil fuel. *The clearing of rainforests in South America & Africa affects the cycle by 1) burning trees (fire='s CO2) 2) less trees ='s less trees soaking up the CO2 in the air.CO2 traps heat in the Earth's atmosphere and keep the Earth Warm.



Too much Carbon dioxide = Greenhouse effect

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas vital to plant life on earth. This naturally occurring chemical compound is composed of two oxygen atoms each covalently double bonded to a single carbon atom.

The Carbon Cycle



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