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ResultWhat happened?

Method What did we do?


The results were that the detergent that worked the best as far as breaking down the protein complexes in Jello was Tide.• We rejected our first hypothesis because it was not supported by the data as Tide out performed Gain. •The results were that the next best detergent was the Target brand. •This data allowed us to reject our second hypothesis. We thought the Target brand would work least effectively due to it being the more economical choice; however it was the second most effective detergent. The presence of proteases in the detergent is what allowed the gelatin protein complexes to be broken down into liquid. Jello is solid at room temperature. Proteases are enzymes that break down proteins. Future experiments could be used to affect other properties of enzymes. We can try adding substances to the detergents and see if there is an effect. Other experimental ideas are experimenting with other substances besides Jello. Jello largely consists of a network of protein we could try substances that are heavily fat or starch too and see the effect.

Enzymes are made of proteins and have properties in biology of being able to lower activation energy and speed up biological reactions. This allows for important functions to happen in nature as well as organisms themselves. For example, we have enzymes we use to help aid digestion. The purpose of this experiment is to look at different enzymes and see how well they work at breaking down Jell-O which is a complex of interlinking proteins broken down from the cellulose of other animals. We hypothesize that if we use Gain it will work the best by breaking down the most protein and giving us the largest diameter. We chose Gain because that is the detergent most of us use at home. We hypothesize that the target brand will yield the smallest diameter due to it being an economical store brand. We think that is will have a smaller concentration or less active enzymes.

Enzymes Enzymes

Conclusions How and Why?

Our teacher prepared petri dishes filled with Jello. We then took straws and cut out holes with the straws in the jello equidistant from each other. Our lab chose to fill the holes with different laundry detergents. We filled the holes with 0.5ml of 4 different detergents.


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