Environmental Sciences- Deforestation

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Environmental Sciences- Deforestation

Environmental Issues:Deforestation Of Our Forests

"What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another."- Mahatma Ghandi

Imagine...Imagine a world without forests, without green of the oak leaves, and without the lovely sight of the chessnut tree in the bloom. This is possible - our forests are vanishing at an alarming rate. Trees are a renewable source but if we keep on cutting them, burning them, and destroying them without considering the consequences, our forests will dissapear. Why are we doing this to our trees? One prominent philosopher said:

Abiotic ' Biotic Factors Affected By Deforestation:

Abiotic Factors: - Increased salinization of the soil. Makes it harder for new plants and trees to access nutrients needed to grow. - Increased pollution.

Biotic Factors:- Biodiversity reduced (it is estimated that our forests are losing about 50,000 plant, animal and insect species per year).- Ecosystems and habitats are changing.

Source: Biotic Factors

Source: Abiotic Factors

Initiatives Combatting Deforestation:


- Deforestation Reduction Acts already in place (Such As: Zero Net Deforestation Act In BC).

- Work on increased consumer awareness (consumers should support environmentally friendly companies.

- To insist on better government controls of deforestation and global protection.


How Deforestation Increases Global Warming:

Deforestation is responsible for 15% of today's global greenhouse gas emissions according to the World Wide Fund For Nature. Through the burning of our forests called the "burn-slash" method, carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. Deforestation also increases the global temperature because there is less trees on the planet to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.


Deforestation is an important environmental issue. Without forests, we are dealing with climate change, global warming, and loss of biodiversity, less exygen in the air we breath and increased pollution.

Why Deforestation Is An Important Issue:

Without forests our planet is warming, species are dying, landscape is changing and there is less green beauty that poets have been admiring for centuries. "Deep in the desert's misery, far in the fury of the sand, there stands the awesome Upas Tree lone watchman of a lifeless land."Let's not allow Alexander Pushkin's vision to become reality.

And Remember...

- Reforestation programs already in place. Such as "Plant A Tree" Day.

- Reduction of print material, less paper waste. Reuse, reduce, recycle.


- Drier climate (less trees to transpire groudwater into the atmosphere).

- Soil composition has changed, increasing the risk of erosion.


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