Environmental Science20 Student Directed Study

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Science20 Student Directed Study

3 Pillars of SustainabilityThis topic of study relates to socially because it talks about how us humans can and need to make changes in our world. It relates economically because these issues and changes cost money to both the government and us people individually. This project relates to the environment because it focuses on important environmental issues. This is our only Earth so it is up to us to look after it.

Waste/Wasting of ProductsThere are 4 main types of waste. Liquid waste- any form of waste in a liquid stateSolid waste- Usually garbage, waste with no danger and is in a solid formHazardous waste- waste with potentially dangerous and harmful risksOrganic waste- waste from animals, plants and old food productsThe most common forms of waste are the things that we throw out often in our daily lives, storm water and sewage as well as chemical runoff from factories and animal waste. Every day the average North American wastes about 4.3 pounds of garbage that will go to the landfill.

Inquiry Question...What are the 3 bigest environmental concerns in North America and what can be done to revers, solve and/or help these environmental issues?

Environmental Science20 Student Directed Study

Make a Change...There are many things we can do to reduce the amount of waste us humans make. We can start by using and buying recyclable products then once done with them be sure to recycle them. Use items that can be re-used more than once to eliminate waste. When buying products look for products with the least amount of packaging and that are not individually packaged. When brushing your teeth or showering, turn off the water when not necessary, this will help to reduce the amount of sewage. Everyday humans use so many different things. The problem is we throw away most of them. I feel that we need to use products that can be used multiple times and when finally cannot be used can either decompose in a timely mannor or be recycled. There is only so much room on this Earth. We need the space to live, survive and thrive so filling it up with landfills will only reduce our Earths Quality.

Greenhouse Gas EmissionThere are many types of greenhouse gases. A greenhouse gas is a gas that builds up in our environment causing damage within the ecosystems and to the ozone layer. The main gases causing problems are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and hydrofluorocarbons. Currently the levels of methane and carbon dioxide are the highest it has been within the last half a million year. The burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and intensive agriculture continue to cause rising levels of carbon dioxide. Cattle farming, waste dumps and with the production of oil and gas release harmful levels of methane into the atmosphere. The burning of fossil fuels and use of chemical fertilizers will release nitrous oxide. All of these gases will cause harmful damage to our ozone layer.

Make a Change...In order to eliminate the releasing of the gases there are a few things that we can do. People can start by using energy efficient appliances, stop the idling of cars, re-use and recycle products. Companies can limit the burning of crops, filter the air before releasing it into the atmosphere, insulate buildings propels and use greenhouse gas inventories. All of these little steps will reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases being released into our environment. In society many things that are made require a factory. Factories produce a lot of polution. I believe in order for us humans to help reduce this we need to re-use items. This way they won't be sent to a factory to be re-made. It is up to us to maintian the products and world we have.

Climate ChangeClimate change has become a major issue in North America within the last few years. With the growing hole in our ozone layer our Earth continues to warm. The majority of this warming comes from the emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. This warming is damaging many ecosystems. In North America we are seeing increasing numbers of wildfires and insect outbreaks. There are increased deaths due to heat waves among people in poverty as well as more water borne illnesses and respiratory problems. The intensity level of heat related storms is being more severe.

Make a Change...To help slow of reverse the process of global warming there are many things we can do. Try to eliminate activities that release high levels of carbon dioxide from your daily life. Turning down your thermostat 2 degrees in the winter and turning it up 2 degrees in the summer will help to be energy efficient. Some other things we can do are, do not idol vehicles, use energy efficient appliances, have triple pane windows on buildings, have proper insulation and ventilation and always recycle and re-use when possible. Humans are the main source of pollution in the world. As technology develps more the easier it becomes for us to destroy our world. We need to start taking these little steps to stop and reverse the warming of out world. If we don't do this I don't think the world will be sustainable as long as we need it to be.



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