Environmental Rising

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Rising

Greenpeace organization and young generation should unite to call people for being environmentally active in preserving nature and natural resources. Only in collaboration this stakeholders will find a successful resolution to the problem.

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If we do nothing to preserve Earth from harm and different kinds of pollutions, humans will end up in catastrophic conditions that will affect all human society. The harmful treatment and use of Earth’s resources without careful preservation, will cause an extinction of human race and biodiversity with no future generations.

Environmental Rising Concern: Global Action for Global Issue

The concerns about the future of our environment is rising steadily and relentlessly from day to day. Keeping environment save and get high profits of production-seems to be an impossible thing but with careful observation this vicious circle do not looks that incompatible and every company can make profits with preserving the environment.

Young generation represents the future political force and voters that can affect the government’s decisions on that issue. Students should be the main promoters and participants of Greenpeace organization’s marches and events connected with preserving the environment. Our actions will definitely cause a global shift of environmental activism as younger people can push the boundaries of preventing environmental ignorance, promote information about the harmful outcomes of the production worldwide!

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