Environmental Impact

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Impact

As we move further and further toward a technologically advanced world, we hear more and more talk of "going green". It may almost seem as though the two are correlated, however nothing could be further from the truth. As we see above, technological devices like computers have so many complex parts that are made of thousands of materials, many of which are hazardous to our environment. The toxic materials negatively affect our environment while a computer or device is being produced, being used and also being disposed of. According to the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, the greatest impact of technology on our environment happens when we dispose of the device. When the materials used in building the product are incinerated or put in a landfill, the materials they are made from produce harmful chemicals which are thereby released into the air and contaminate the groundwater.




Technology has biggerprice tag thanwe think...

lead- causes brain damagemercury- causes brain and kidney damage. toxic in very low doses.cadmium- accumulates in body and contaminates kidneys.brominated flame retardents (BFRs)- may affect hormones necessary for normal development.

substances found in computers with serious health effects

Prevent E-WasteDumping



DONATE: Give your old device to a charitable organization RECYCLE: Find an e-Stewards recycler. They recycle responsibly and do not send waste to developing countries.RE-PURPOSE: Find new ways to use your old technology!DON'T UPGRADE!: Wait until your device has completely died out before you get a new one, rather than upgrading as soon as possible.

Little to no U.S Federal legislation or regulations for e-waste

"Recyclers" pass e-waste onto developing countries.

underpaid workers in developing countriesbreak down toxic waste to extract valuable materials


toxins are releasedinto the air, and the hazardous materials are dumped.

Large companies thrive while our world and the people in it suffer from the hazardous waste.



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