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Environmental Glog

Hibernation is when an organism enters a state of slumber (classified by low breathing, heart rate, and metabolism) where less energy is used; cold weather triggers hibernation in animals. Bats are one of the animals that hibernate (typically upside down) from late November to early April.

Migration is typically a seasonal event where animals move locations to benefit their lives. Migration can sometimes be triggered by the change in weather or a growing lack of food in an area. Salmon migrate back to the stream they were born in so that they may reproduce.

Courtship is when a male (rarely female) organism will flaunt it's features to attract a mate and reproduce such as when a male peacock will stretch its feathers and attempt to have the largest and most colorful ones. Mating seasons (which are typically in the winter so that the babies are born in summer or fall seasons to ensure more babies will survive) can trigger courtship between animals.

Humans affect the behavior of animals in many ways. One of the ways our behavior affects animals is when we build our roads and highways, they sometimes go through migration paths of animals such as deer. When animals go to migrate, they cross these roads which can cause them to be hit by cars and die.

Environmental Glog

Estivation has the exact same energy saving effects on animals and it is triggered by oncoming hot weather. Snails go through estivation by sealing themselves in a mucus coating and hiding in their shells for as short as a week or as long as 2 years!


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