[2015] madaracromwell: Environmental Engineering

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[2015] madaracromwell: Environmental Engineering

This occupation works inside and outside depending on the job they are working on. In order to become an Environmental Engineeer you need to get a bachelors degree in Environmental Engineering


Environmental Engineers work with the air, soil, and the ocean. This occupation also works on pollutin sites

A top Environmental Engineer makes about $57 an hour or $119,560 a year. The average salary is $40 a hour or $83,340 a year.

I think this career will have a large demand because this job helps take care of our environment, and because there is a lot of pollution and debree on our planet.

Envioronmental Engineers have to know Chemistry, Physics, Math and Biology.This occupation has to be able to travel to different work sites.

I think this will be a career that might intrest me because I like to be outside and helping the environment.

I think in the future environmental engineering will ensure a planet with clean water, air, and soil.


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