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Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineers

An Environmental Engineer combines their engineering skills and science skills to help find solutions to environmental problems and discover new information about our environment that we don't already know about.

Those intersted in becoming an Environmental engineer should probably take biology, chemistry, physics, and math courses in high school. A bachelor's and master's degree is also needed to become an Environmental Engineer.

Environmental Engineer to be?

Work performed by Environmental Engineers

Environmental Engineers will definitly be needed in the future. The more we pollute the air, the changing of our environment, and ecological harm, the more help is needed. We are in search of more people to provide help and solutions to improve the environment.

In the Future

Responsibilities:•Looking over environmental repots•Designing new ideas for protecting our environment•Keeping track of the standard operating procedures•Inspecting and analyzing environmental progress

Hourly Wage: $40.08Annual Wage: $83,360

Working EnvironmentsThey work in offices when with urban planners, in seinars for presenting things, and when working with environmental scientists theu workin in an outdoor area.


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