Environmental Behavior

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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Behavior

HIBERNATIONHibernation is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression experienced by endotherms in cold weather.

ESTIVATIONEstivation is a state of prolonged endotherm dormancy that occurs in hot weather.

MIGRATIONMigration is the seasonal movement of animals from one region to another for better living conditions.

COURTSHIPCourtship is the ritualistic behavior by which animals select mates.

Boer birds build colorful nests to attract mates.

Monarch butterflies change locations with the changing seasons.

Hamsters go into torpor during cold weather for periods of several weeks.

Crocodiles beat the heat by entering a dormant state in hot weather.

Migration is triggered by decreasing food supplies and lower temperatures.

Hibernation is triggered by decreasing day lengths, food supplies, and temperatures.

Courtship is usualy triggered by changing daylight hours.

Estivation is triggered by higher temperatures and sometimes longer day lengths.

Environmental Behavior

Human InterferenceSince animal behavior is often triggered by environmental cues, when humans change the environment, animals behave differently. For example, a fire from a cigarette could depelete a food source and force early migration.


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