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Environmental Studies

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1.If the factories don't stop to gives out chemicals and fumes will be so difficult to breathe.2. Many species will disappear if the factories don't stop throwing garbage in the river.3.If the people don't recycle, in the street we will have a lot of garbage.4.If we stop deforestation now, we will be making making a big change in the town.5. If people get informed about contamination consecuences , they will care a bit more.6. If you love the nature, you may care the trees and animals.7.You can pick up the trash in the streets to help the community.8.Unless you are making bread or pastries of some sort, you can´t pre-heat the oven.9. If you plant a tree, we will have more oxygen.10.Use only as much toilet paper as you need, it might be good for the environment and the trees.

The environment.

Environmental problems.

How much change can you make in a day?

Covering imagery, themes and symbols.


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