Environment in Belize

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by GuillermoUlloa
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Environmental Studies

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Environment in Belize



Environment in Belize Written by: Guillermo Ulloa


How We Can HelpSchools can help to clean communities, the school yard, green areas and places that are filled with garbage. People can contract dangerous microbes and bacteria if we don't keep our community clean, for example Dengue.

ANIMALS IN THE ENVIRONMENTAnimals can die on land and water because people set traps and kill them.Our environment can also kill animals. These are examples how animals can die. Birds can die if they eat plastic, in fact, any sort of animal can die if they eat plastic, or anything they are not supposed to eat. Sharks can die in fisherman's net because they need to move in order to breathe and survive.

Environment Environment means that you must keep your surroundings clean so that plants, insects, animals and humans don't die. Mangroves keep the water clean. They use their roots as a garbage filter. Mangroves also protect little fish from big marine creatures that want to eat them. People can help to clean the mangrove when it is filled with garbage. People can clean their homes and yards to keep it maintained.


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