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Envirionment Glog

Casey P., Ruben C.


South Meadows Wetland

South Meadows Wetland

Map of Nevada in 1970

Map of Nevada in 2000

Wetland Biome Video

Economy: Wetlands can also be beneficial to the economy. For example, "if a community had to build flood control or water treatment systems to replace those functions provided by wetlands, the costs could far outweigh the land purchase price of preserving the natural wetland systems. Similarly, when wetlands lose their value as fish habitat, this value is difficult to replace, and the consequent losses to the recreational and commercial fishing industries can be significant." -www.ecy.wa.gov

Environmental Facts:•The US has less than 4% of its forests left.•40% of our waterways are undrinkable. •The US has 5% of the world's population and 30% of the waste.•US industry admits to 4 billion pounds of toxic pollution released per year •99% of all things we buy are not in use after 6 months.•The average U.S. citizen uses 200lbs. of plastic per year and only 3% is recycled. •Glass makes up 6% of all the items in a landfill and it takes over 1 million years to decompose.•Trees purify the air by absorbing up to 800 lbs. of CO2 every year. Trees intercept up to 36% of the rainfall around them, minimizing floods and water pollution caused by storm water runoff.•The electricity generated by fossil fuels for a single home puts more carbon dioxide into the air than 2 cars driven for a full year. -http://cuyahogaswd.org/en- US/Environment-recycling- facts.aspx

Environment: Wetlands are very beneficial to the environment. They can provide water purification (by trapping sediments and stopping excess nutrients and pollutants), flood protection (by holding water and then releasing it slowly), and groundwater recharge (when there is precipitation, the wetland releases it so it becomes useable groundwater). They can also be beneficial to plants and animals by providing them a habitat for breeding, foraging, and cover. Also, migratory birds depend on wetlands when flying.

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Our Data:5/29/14: location 1 average-20*C location 2 average-19.3*C location 3 average-20*C 5/30/14: location 1 average-20.3*C location 2 average-20.2*C location 3 average-20.3*C6/6/14: location 1 average-20.7*C location 2 average-23*C location 3 average-21.3*C

Our Opinion All of us believe that the protection of the environment is more important than the growth of the economy right now.

Driving Question Should economic factors outwiegh environmental factors?


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