Enviormental Science

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Earth Sciences

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Enviormental Science

Soil Profile -crosssection of the horizons in soil

Humus -partially decomposed organic matter

Infiltration -water entering soil

Geosphere -planet, rocks

Biosphere -living things

Hydrosphere -oceans, lakes, rivers, wetlands

Soil Horizon -soil in zones

Soil Texture -the relative amounts of different sizes and types of mineral particles

Soil Permeability -the rate at which water and air move from upper to lower soil layers

Crust -Earth’s thin outer layer/ Thinnest layer

Mantle -Layer beneath the crust

Lithosphere -cool and rid outer layer

Core -Earth’s innermost layer

Mesosphere -lower layer of the mantle

Asthenosphere -plastic, solid layer of the mantle

Outer Core -dense liquid layer of the core

Inner Core -solid layer of the core

Plate Boundary -when two plates meet

Evaporation -liquid to gas

Condensation -gas to liquid

Precipitation – water droplets from clouds