Entrance level for 3rd grade

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by sunrise651
Last updated 1 year ago

Language Arts

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  • doni99 5 years ago

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    dis is so cute!

  • sanfordh603 4 years ago

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    Ikr, Doni99

  • MrLongK6 2 years ago

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    This is wonderful!
    Where did you get those incredible numbers (1, 2, 3, 4)?
    Do your kids make a copy of this Glog and then edit it to answer the questions?

  • sunrise651 2 years ago

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    Hi :) I can't remember about number pngs, it was a long time ago. I think a friend of mine sent them to me.
    Yes, kids could complete the test editing this glog after they copy it in their accounts. Then the class should work on Glogster in a cloud. I gave the other opportunity for working out of Glogster - if kids click on the computer mouse image (on the gloggie) they will be able to do the same test online without any registration. It depends on the teacher how he decides to set students' work. Thanks for asking :)