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Cycles & Processes

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Life Cycle


Entomology is the application of insect study to civil or criminal cases. Cases could be murders, dealths, or even smaller cases like origin of insects.

Entomology usually helps determine how much time has elapsed since the death of the body. This period of time is called the post mortem interal or PMI.

The four stages of decomposition are fresh, bolated, decay, and dry. The amount of time the body spends in each of these stages depends on the weather and temperature.

Entomology was first used in a case in 13th century China when a judge named Tz'u used the flies attraction to blood to solve the case. All those in the village presented their scythes and flies swarmed to the scythe that had traces of blood left on it.

Flies lay thier eggs in moist places in the body like the eyes, open wountsds and mouth. The Larvae developing in the body speed up the decomposition of the body.

Weather, exposure, temperature, time of day play a part on when insects will inhabit the body.

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10 ways insects were vital evidence in a crime.

Degree Hours are calculated by an Entomologists to see how fast the larvae of the insects are developing. The number of hours the larvae take to develop times the temperature gives the Degree Hours. Entomologists then add the incubation time to find out the time the eggs were laid which estimates the the PMI or time of death.


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