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Enrico Fermi

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* Born in Rome, Italy, on September 29, 1901.

* Awarded fellowship at the Normale Superiore de Pisa in 1918.

* Moved to Leiden with a Rockfeller Fellowship and then returned to Italy to occupy the chair of lecturer in physics at the University of Florence in 1924.

* Recieved his physicsdoctorate in 1922.

* In 1926, he discovered thestatistical laws, known as Fermi-dirac statistics.

* Appointed professor of theoretical physics at theUniversity of Rome in 1927.

* In 1938, Fermi received the Noble Prize in physics, he and his family also escaped to the U.S. to avoid Mussolini's fascism.

* In 1934, he evolved thebeta decay theory.

* Became an AmericanCitizen in 1944.

* Became a professor at the Institute of Nuclear Studies at the Universityof Chicago, in 1946.

* Died in Chicago on November 28, 1954.

* Fermi the team that designed and built theChicago Pile-1, that wentcritical on 2 December 1942.

* Fermis' brother,Giulio, died in 1915.

* Graduated High School in 1918.

* September 1920, he wasadmitted into the PhysicsDepartment.

* 1921, Fermi publishedhis first scientific worksin the Italian journal "Nuovo Cimento.

* In 1954, Fermi testified on Oppenheimer's behalf at the Oppenheimer security hearing.

* Won the Metteucci Medalin 1926.

* Won the Hughes Medal in 1942.

* Won the Rumford Prize in1953.

* Awarded Medal for Merit in 1946 for his contribution tothe Manhattan Project.

* He was present at the Trinitytest in 1945, where he used his Fermi method to estimate thebomb's yield.

* Was appointed Professor of Physics at Columbia University,N.Y. in 1939.

* Married Laura Capon in1928.

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