Ennis Cosby Case

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Ennis Cosby Case

Los Angeles Times

With 20 strands of hair, a cap, a gun and a bullet fragment from the head of Ennis Cosby, the prosecution crossed a major hurdle Wednesday--tying 19-year-old Mikail Markhasev to the killing of the son of entertainer Bill Cosby.But reminiscent of the O.J. Simpson murder trial, the Los Angeles Police Department's handling of the evidence came under attack, and Deputy Alternate Public Defender Henry Hall opened a mystery about a missing hair. He also hinted that the prosecution deliberately withheld the most important hair evidence from him and submitted it to destructive DNA analysis before he could conduct his own tests.If Hall raises enough questions about the hair, it could seriously weaken the prosecution's efforts to use physical evidence to show that Markhasev killed Cosby in a failed robbery attempt Jan. 16, 1997, on a side road off the San Diego Freeway.Physical evidence is especially important in this case. Deputy Dist. Atty. Anne Ingalls is relying heavily on testimony from witnesses whose criminal past and pending charges raise questions about their credibility. They are expected to say Markhasev admitted killing Cosby.

\The person closest to being an eyewitness in the death of entertainer Bill Cosby's son shocked the court Tuesday with testimony that indicated the killer was someone other than the 19-year-old Ukrainian immigrant who has been charged with his murder.

A young man of promise in Los Alamitos, the teen who took the life of Ennis Cosby was a teacher's dream until he began to rebel.Mikail Markhasev, who emigrated here from Ukraine with his mother nine years ago, was on the college track in school.After graduation, he probably could have chosen any top-notch university. Instead, the former Los Alamitos High School student chose to drop out and loiter in an alley, drinking beer with a group of petty thugs.

"Friend Tells of Cosby Killing" by Steve Berry (Times Staff Writer) June 24, 1998.

Markhasev: From Honor Student to Killer

Hair as Evidence Becomes Focus in Cosby Slaying


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