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The Star of David. It is the symbol of Judism.

Candle Sticks.The fire is warming and it is said to show the relationship between God and the human beings of the world.

Head Coverings. Men wear it to show their respect to God.

Anti-Semitism- it is the hatred and prejudice of Jews.

5 Baic Beliefs: *religion of Jews*major world religion*God=Yahweh*Mono=one God*follow Torah

The breaking of the glass. It is to bring joy and out with old and in with the new.

Some of the enlightenment thinkers and their ideas.

Words that describe the Enlightenment period.

Bar Mitzvah, when a boy is said to become a man at the age of 13.

2 Stereotypes:*they're stubborn*they're greedy

France was the center of the Englightenment ideas and philosophes. This was the idea of human reason. The discoveries of the philosophers challenged the rule of the Church. It attacked both supersition and non-secular rule of of Western Europe. The many philosophers attacked the Jews because of their mystical and religious beliefs. People would point to the Jews as a scapegoat for national problems.

During the Enlightenment period, there was also a nationalistic feeling rising. This is people with shared cultures, religions, and languages come together to say that their nation is the best. This groip of people had an unspoken bond and loyailty. Jews did not have the same culture, religion, and values as others in the nation, so they were singled out and were targets of anti-semitic persecution.

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