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The Enlightment

Anti-SemitismHostility toward Jews as a religious or racial minority group

Jewish Beliefs- Torah- Monotheistic- Ritual Clothing- Dietary Laws- Covenant

This is a dreidel that is used for a gamethat is played during Hanukkah

The Star of David is a six pointed star that is used as a Jewish symbol

The Menorah is a sacred candle with seven branches that is used during the holiday of Hanukkah

Above is a picture of a Jewish wedding in which the groom breaks a glass in celebration

Above is a picture of a Jewishgirl reading from the Torah inHebrew at her Bat Mitzvah

The enlightment was a period in European history when the idea that human reason could be used to solve problems and serve as an ethical system for living. During the Enlightment, people shared similar culture, language, history, race, and values. Jews, however, were seen as outsifers because they did not share the same beliefs and values and became targets of anti-semitism. Jews were seen as threats by extremists in the nationalist movement. Enemies of Jews believed that their religion and essential character was bad, they were narrow-minded, and bigoted.

-Many pointed to the Jews as a scapegoat for national problems-Jews were commonly attacked for their separatist ways

This picture shows the Jewish persecution that occuredin Europe

This picture shows Schiller describing the importance of Germany


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