Enlightenment 2

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Social Studies

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Enlightenment 2

Ideas and innovations changed the world most during 1400-1800

The Enlightement Era

Because it made people rethink and question...

things that were proven and never proven before.

Major Ideas►John Locke: social contrat and natural rights.►Voltire: Religious Tolerance►Montesquieu: sepertaion of power(Wallbank) (Scott)

John LockeJohn Locke was an english philosopher. His beliefs include:Every man has a right to life, liberty and and property.Every man has the right to protect their rights and if goverment doesnt do its job you can create a new one.(Dutcher)

MontesquieuBelived that no part of the goverment should have more power then the other. It would cause constant bickering amoungst the parts of goverment(Thibeault)

VoltaireBelieved in the understanding and acceptance of other religions. Religion is a huge part of everyday life and if people didnt learn to accept differences fueds would always take place.(Thibeault)

ConclusionThe ideas of these intellegent men change peoples ideas in how they want there goverment. People use to just go along with the goverment but the now realize things need to be changed. The citizens realize that things could be handled better in the goverment and that they could be treated better.



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