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Environmental Studies

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Enivronmental health project

Going Green At Home

My ad compaign to my family was a sucesss! I used social media, sticky notes as well as a poster to educate them on why going green amd conserving water is important.

My family were very excited to join me on trying to save water. Before I started this project my family wasted water on a daily basis by taking long showers and having the water on when brushing our teeth and washing our face. Advocating helped my family see why conserving water is important to our environment. Using a timer for taking a shower took a little time for my family to get used to. My family realized that even though it took long to get used to it will be benficial to our environment. We would be saving about 120 gallons of water as family. Another change we tried to implement was making sure to brush our teeth and wash our face without having the faucet running. This was a pretty easy change the hardest part for my family and I was just remebering to shut off the faucet. This is why the sticky notes I made were beneficial because it reminded my family of the changes that I was trying to implement. The last change that I treid to implement was washing big pots and pans in a filled sink. This method uses less water then just having the faucet run. My family and I learned that our actions this week made a difference in our environment. I think we are going to try to continue these changes and show others that they can make a difference as well.

This chart graphs how long my families showers were throughout the week of using a timer. The timer was very efficent becase by the end of the challenge my family was able to cut our showers to 10 minutes.

Abby Metcalf


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